The Juiceman Juicer Review 2016

If you are looking for a juicer that has power than the Juiceman Juicer is your choice. These machines are very well built. It has 2 speeds that you can choose from. One is on low speed for softer fruits like berries or to prevent over pulverizing you food. The high speed is for the much harder produce like pineapples. The juiceman Juicer has 700 watts of power so this juice man juicer can handle just about anything with that kind of power. Your time in making just is much reduced and with a wide mouth feed chute it’s very easy to put all your fruits and vegetables whole without slicing and dicing.

The  Juiceman Jr Juicer Also comes with a nice powerful stainless steel cutting blade to cut through the most toughest produce available. Another great thing it has is the dual safety interlock system which offers the security of not getting hurt while making juice. All the parts are dishwasher safe and the setup is very simple and very easy to clean. Also, the body of the juicer is stainless steel making nice addition to your home.


Also in the juiceman juicers you have digital controls with a backlit display so everything is as easy as pressing a button. The juiceman II also comes with a custom fit juice pitcher which allows you to have everything neat and easy to pour once you finish putting all your vegetables and fruits into the juicer. Also it has a nice stainless steel mesh filter which is very easy to take out the pulp.

The benefits of using a juiceman juicer jr is that it will help you have a nice healthy lifestyle. As we were young, we learned all about the food groups and always remember to have all five servings each and every single day. It’s much easier to get all the nutrients and vitamins out of juicing then trying to eat your fruits and vegetables whole.  Also the juiceman juicer have loads of antioxidants the cleans out all the toxins in the body and it’s a great way to clean the body instead paying for high priced detoxifying treatments. These antioxidants help also help build the natural immune system so that your less likely to get sick then someone who is not juicing and getting sick all the time. Not only does it juicing heal your body but you’ll have a clean and healthy body which will give your energy and strengths that you never new existed. Just make sure that you use your juiceman pro every day and have some tasty natural fresh drinks which you will love for years to come.