Omega VRT350 Juicer

OMEGA VRT350HD COLD PRESS MACHINEIf you’ve been looking for the right juicer for any amount of time and have been paying attention to each and every single juicer review you have read, you’ll start to see a bit of a pattern begin to develop – one specific type of juicer has probably been popping up in the course of all your research: The Omega VRT350. It is one of the best cold press juicer. A truly high end product and a fantastic juicer for the home or office, the Omega VRT350 juicer is the next evolution of personal juicing technology. I know you’ve probably heard all of that before in the marketing material of any juicer amiable for sale, but this is one of the rare cases where the marketing hype is actually surpassed by the utility and function of the product!
The Omega VRT350 is a groundbreaking product for a couple of reasons – super simple to use and maintain, designed and built after years of research and testing with one of the best engineering teams in the juicer market, and all of it is packed into one of the sleekest and best looking exteriors available today all combine to make this a powerful solution in the home juicing arena.
Let’s talk about the design first and foremost, since it would be almost impossible not to notice this thing sitting on your kitchen counter. And I know what you might be thinking right now, “I would never want to keep a juicer on my counter, they are all so ugly!”. And while that was definitely true a couple of years ago, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that the Omega VRT350 has broken all the rules when it came to how good (or how poorly) a juicer was supposed to look. While most producers of high end juicers saw their products as utilitarian product – something to serve and important and healthy function without splashing too much for style points – the people behind the Omega VRT350 understood that great design doesn’t have to compromise great function.
But the Omega vrt350hd is not just a looker – this particular model of juicer is also very, very effective and efficient at its main task – taking fruits and vegetables and turning them into healthy juices. This is where some other companies miss their mark. In a race to get the best looking equipment out there they forget that the machines actually have to work or they serve no purpose – and boy does the Omega vrt350hd work, and work well. Powered by a solid motor capable of speeds up to 80rpm, you’ll never have to worry about the oxidation or degradation of the juice that you’re making. The other cool little feature that the Omega vrt350hd brings to the table is the oversized pouring spout that is perfect for large containers and filling up your glass quickly and efficiently.
Everything about this machine was designed to do one thing and one thing only – produce the highest quality juice in the fastest times possible. With just minimal preparation time and incredibly easy upkeep and maintenance, you’ll never feel like this juicer is holding you back. Tapping into some of the highest level and truly cutting edge technologies available, this Omega juicer is sure to pleasantly surprise you with just how amazingly powerful it can be.
If you’re looking for the perfect blend between form and function and have found that most juicers are leaving you a bit wanting, then maybe it’s time to take the big leap forward and go with the juicer of the future. With its incredibly powerful and super-efficient juicing technology as well as the best in class power and speed in a vertical juicer, you would be very, very hard pressed to find a better solution – especially at this price point.
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Final Rating:
Usability: 9/10 Easy enough to use plus the auto clean option can be very useful, but the vertical design will definitely take a little getting used to for people no familiar with the style.
Capacity and Juice Amount: 10/10 With a high capacity and output, this is the perfect juicer for small families or single people looking to produce some serious levels of juice in the highest quality possible. This juicer is also super efficient and will leave the exerted pulp as dry as dry as possible.
Value for the money: 9/10 An exceptional buy at any price, the only thing that somewhat drags down the Omega is that there are so many other products available at this price point vying for consumers attention.
Build quality: 9/10 High quality materials abound, and this is one of the best working and well thought out vertical juicers on the market today.
Warranty: 10 years Absolutely best in class, this warranty will protect you longer than any other offering on the marketplace. Top notch all the way.
Overall: 9.25/10